Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Epitome of Selflessness

 This is one of the truest things I have ever read. Not being a mother myself (yet), it is a bit difficult for me to fathom always, always, ALWAYS putting someone else's needs before my own. Of course, I'm getting practice being married, but I can't imagine that is close to the same thing. Motherhood (or parenthood in general, but that's not my focus now) is probably the most selfless thing one can possibly take on. With marriage, you are absolutely putting the happiness and well-being of your spouse ahead of your own, and that is love. But with motherhood, not only are you putting your child's happiness above your own, you are putting their EVERYTHING above your own. You are literally teaching and raising and nurturing a human being and helping to shape them into all you, and God, hope they will be.

Another quote that I have heard and love is one that says something like, "No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you're the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside." (So tender, right?? I don't know who said this.) Now this encompasses another aspect of motherhood entirely (I mean how can we get it all?). A woman has the capacity to literally grow another human inside her body. That. Is. Incredible. It blows my mind when I really think hard about it. Heavenly Father has given us this unfathomable blessing to be able to create. Not just to create things from our imagination. With our bodies, we are able to create and nurture and GROW and bear children inside of us. Not only is this a huge blessing and responsibility, but a huge sacrifice! Our mothers sacrifice more than we know for us. I know my mom does. And carrying us for 9 months is only the beginning. After that, they carry us for the next however many years. They carry us with them in their hearts and in their minds, always. You know that scripture that says we must be willing to "...mourn with those who mourn; comfort those who stand in need of all times, in all things, and in all places" (Mosiah 18:9) ? Well, most of us try to do that and be there for those who are in need when we can. But this scripture describes mothers roles ALL THE TIME. There have been so many times that my mom has dropped everything to just "mourn" with me. Literally cry with me just because I'm sad. And comforted me in exactly the way I needed it, exactly when I needed her to. Moms are just good like that.
They realize our potential and encourage and uplift
us more than anyone. They are truly our biggest fans.
They worry for us and pray for us always.
They think so highly of us and love us even when we
feel we don't deserve it. And so much more than that. If only we knew all the sacrifices that they make for us, we might appreciate them more than we do. I have had women whose mothers have since passed away (like my own mom, for example),  tell me how many times they have wished they could pick up the phone to call their mother for advice or words of comfort or even just to ask how to make those cookies she used to make. What a great blessing it is for us who DO have our mothers here with us. How much more we should call them, and tell them we love and appreciate them. (Thanks Mom ;) )

 I love this quote by Sheri Dew because it gives a little bit of a different perspective on motherhood that we don't think about very often, but is so very important. "Motherhood defines our very identity." What I take away from this, is that as women, it is in our nature to have those motherly, nurturing qualities. Some women don't have children of their own, whether it be by choice, or because they haven't had the opportunity, or because their bodies aren't capable. I read a story of a woman in one of these circumstances who said Mother's day was difficult for her because of this. I think that Mother's Day is not just a day to acknowledge and celebrate our own mothers and grandmothers, but even those in our lives who have stepped in and shown us motherly qualities - those who have taught us, loved us, comforted us, encouraged us, nurtured us, given us hope, and told us they believed in us. I encourage you to think of a woman in your life who has done this for you and thank her for it today. It may be just  what she needs! :)

I am so grateful to those women in my life who have given me these things, and especially for my own mom! Who has cried with me, laughed with me (SO much), and even at me (which I completely don't blame her for). Who has told me how special I am when I didn't feel that I was. Who has stayed up late while I sit next to her bed and babble and spill my heart out. Who has taught me how to bake and cook and sew, none of which could have been easy with me. Who has had an incredible amount of patience with me, not to mention a great sense of humor, for times like when I used powdered sugar instead of flour in the cookies. She has taught me how to love! She is one of the greatest examples of showing no judgment and loving people and giving second chances, and forgiving! She has the ability to light up a room with her smile and laughter and optimism in all situations, even when times seem so difficult and dark, and anyone else would have given up long before. I am SO grateful for my Mom and the example she is to me, and for all those other women in my life who have helped me become who I am today as well.

There is a sweet, sweet video about mothers that is so applicable and goes right along with this post, and you can watch that here

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Such beautiful thoughts Adrienne! I have no doubt you will be an awesome Mother! And you will see that from the moment your little babies enter the world you will never, ever think of them as a sacrifice you have to make, but the biggest, greatest blessing of your life :)