Sunday, May 4, 2014

Family time!

So last weekend we were so excited to have Jordan, Meghann, and Bailey come to visit. It has been 5 LONG months since we have seen them, and I am pretty sure that is the longest I have ever gone! I have missed them A TON!

Meghann has family here in Provo, and her cousin Colleen was getting married. So they decided to make a trip out of it. They stayed with us, and it was little crowded in our little duplex, but we managed and had so much fun in the process.

The first night they were here, we took them to Sub-Zero Ice Cream, which is SO scrumptious! We have only been twice (including this time), and are in love. They make it with liquid nitrogen right in front of your eyes! It's pretty cool. We also went to Brick Oven for dinner before this and that was our first time. I hear that is like a Provo MUST-DO. That was so delicious too. Let's just say we were stuffed.


 On Friday, we took them up to Salt Lake City to Temple Square and City Creek Mall. It was a nice, very WINDY day.
I just love these girls!

And of course I had to get a pic of me and my handsome hubs.

Had fun with this little sister of mine that looks older than me.
One of Meghann's impressive snaps.

On Friday night, we went to the Barry's family and had pizza and played games. One of them was called "Greed," but they changed the name to "The Candy Bar Game" long ago. I could see why it was called Greed though! We set a timer and passed dice around a circle. If you rolled doubles, you got to take a candy bar from the middle of the circle. Once the pile was gone, you get to steal from other people if you roll doubles until the timer runs out! It was so much fun. A game we definitely want to carry on in our own family. And probably keep "The Candy Bar Game" name. ;)

Saturday was Colleen and Ben's sealing and reception. It was raining, and I couldn't help but feel so bad for Colleen and Ben that it was pouring rain on their special day! But they are troopers and a little rain didn't bother those love birds a bit. I couldn't catch a picture of them, but they both looked great. But....I did get a few gems of us!

Their reception was one of the cutest I've ever been to! It was a carnival theme, with the main colors as navy and yellow. They had all kinds of carnival food (but far better), like macaroni and cheese, corn dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, funnel cake, cotton candy, lemonade! I'm sure I am missing something. And best of all, a KISSING BOOTH! You bet we had fun with that :)

We  had such a fun weekend with Jordan, Meghann, and Bae. It was so nice to have them here and enjoy some time with FAMILY! I only wish it could have been longer. But we made so many great memories and enjoyed lots of laughter with them. It's always fun to spend time with family. Can't wait to see them again soon (hopefully)!

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