Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Camping and Cardboard Boats

This weekend, we got our first taste of summer for the season. Our friends Kelcie and Bryce invited us on a little spontaneous camping trip for Friday, so we packed up and left! We took a drive through Provo Canyon (which was so pretty!) and then went onto the Alpine Loop and found a spot near a campsite called Salamander Flats. The drive there was absolutely breathtaking! and it was nice and cool the higher we went. Here are a few pics of a pit stop we just had to make to catch the view.

We arrived and set up camp. It was a nice little spot with a creek nearby. Dinner was simple - hot dogs, fruits, and veggies. And Bryce and Kelcie had brought stuff to make a Peach Cobbler in the dutch oven! So fun - until we realized we didn't have a can opener. But our boy scout husbands didn't let that stop us! They used their resources (rocks and skewers) and broke into that can! And the cobbler was delish :)

The rest of the evening was spent playing games, eating s'mores, and just enjoying the campfire and good company. And little Bailey of course! Babies are always in the spotlight :)
She was such a happy little camper!

I think Bailey slept better than all of us put together! 

The next day, we had a ward activity at 10 am. So we packed up and left. The activity was building a cardboard boat and racing them. Unfortunately, we arrived just a minute too late....and missed the race! We were bummed. BUT! We still got to race a few other teams. It was so much fun, and extremely entertaining to watch! 

The boys went first and actually raced. They were a little more competitive than us.

Then Kelcie and I risked taking it for another ride. Mostly just relaxing on the cardboard, lol!

The cardboard boat did surprisingly well!
When we were almost back, Jason and Bryce decided to see how it would do with all four of almost made it! Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of that. But this was the end result...
But we did win "Fastest Boat!" Despite being late and missing the race :)

And Bailey was all wore out...we are working on bonding, haha.

All in all, it was SUCH a fun weekend enjoying great weather and laughter with great friends!

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