Thursday, February 5, 2015

Life After Whole30

These cookies. Aren't they pretty? ... I'll get to those later. 

Great news! I finished Whole30! I completed the entire program and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. It feels amazing to commit to something and then to actually stick to it and follow through with it all the way. SO good! 

My body feels amazing as well. I used to be a huge snacker. Now I have one, maybe two snacks throughout the day. I feel energized, I rarely feel bloated, never sluggish, and my skin feels healthier.

So now what? The idea is to slowly invite some of those foods that you cut out back into your diet and evaluate the way you feel after eating them. I thought I would invite grains in first. Because I LOVE having Cream of Wheat for breakfast. Maybe I'm weird. But I love it. {Especially in the winter.} 
Jason could hardly sleep last night because he was so excited to wake up and eat his Life cereal for breakfast. For me, it was Cream of Wheat. And it was OH SO delicious! With some fresh blackberries and bananas on top. 

One thing that I really, really missed while on the Whole30 program was baking. I absolutely love to bake. Mostly cookies, but sometimes I break the habit and do something different. Well today I wanted to bake to fulfill that NEED I had. So I just used a super simple cookie recipe that's made with a boxed cake mix. I was baking these with the intention of having one cookie, MAYBE two, and delivering the rest of them to friends. 

It's funny, because all week I've been WAITING for Thursday. Just counting down the days until I could have a little more freedom with my food. But when it came and it was time for breakfast, I had almost this apprehension about sugar and other things. How will they affect me? I don't want to backtrack and ruin all of this progression I've made. So I have this cautious feeling.

I had one cookie, people. ONE! And it was delicious, let me tell you. 

But I am definitely paying for it now. 
Shortly after consuming that pink little piece of heaven, I am having some serious tummy aches.  Not pleasant. 

I'm craving vegetables. What's happened to me?!?!? 

Whole30...That's what.

It's pretty incredible that after living a paleo lifestyle for 30 days, my body has acclimated and pretty much rejected what's not good for it. I love that I can listen to my body in order to know what it needs nourishment-wise. And it's usually not sugar ;)

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