Sunday, March 8, 2015

Life Vantage Women's Event

Jason and I have become a part of an awesome new company! We are so so so excited about it! The company is called Life Vantage and their main products are centered around health and wellness. We love being a part of it and just relishing in all the opportunities it is providing for us and the people it's brought into our lives. 
One of the big things that I've certainly enjoyed was a trip to LAS VEGAS! It was a women's event, so unfortunately Jason wasn't invited. We have a few friends here who are involved with the company as well, so a few of us girls made a little road trip down to Vegas for the event. {To be honest, I had no idea Vegas was only 5 hours away until then. So cool!} It was the best weekend I've had in awhile! We stayed in a timeshare with 10 of us girls. It was a blast! Totally brought me back to my dance competition days, which were some of the best in my life, so obviously this weekend was great if I'm making comparisons like that :)
The first night we arrived, we all met up and enjoyed some Chipotle for dinner, then headed to the first part of the event which was a PJ party! I know, fun right?! They provided matching Life Vantage PJs for everyone and we had a dance party and watched 13 Going On 30 {on a gigantic projector in a huge conference room of the hotel} and mingled all evening. Such a blast.
Look at all those beautiful women! This was most of the girls who came from our team, mostly from Utah and Arizona.  And how cute are those jammies.
This was the group of us that drove together from Provo.
Left to right: Ashleigh, me, Kelcie, and Kristine.
I have to say it was pretty humorous to see so many women walking through the Vegas hotels and casinos in matching hot pink pajamas. Such good memories were made.
The next day, we got up early and enjoyed a ZUMBA class put on by Life Vantage! Yoga was also provided =, but I didn't try that. The energy was awesome and it was such a power class. SO great! Then we had the pleasure of listening to some incredibly inspiring women {and some men} for the majority of the day. Do you know who Mel Robbins is? Well I didn't.  But I do now and so should you! She was the keynote speaker on Friday and motivated me to want to be better in every aspect of my life and gave me tools to do it. And....she was hilarious, which doesn't hurt. You can learn about Mel Robbins and check out her Ted talks, as well as her book "How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over" here. {I told you she's funny.} I'm definitely getting that book.
There were some other wonderful speakers that day as well.  A lot of them focused on the strength that women have and overcoming our fears. So awesome.
That night was a "Little Black Dress" dinner.  As a woman, I love any excuse to get all dressed up. And so we did! We all had so much fun and the food was delicious.
{If you were at our wedding/saw pictures of our wedding, you know that I'm wearing almost exactly what I had my bridesmaids wear. I was so jealous of their outfits that day. A wedding dress was better though, but I finally got to wear it.  ;)}
My attempt at an elevator selfie.
The dinner party was awesome and we got to mingle and get to know other women from all around the country. I love meeting new people, so this was one of my favorite parts! The food was delicious. There was live music and the singer was actually the writer of David Archuleta's song "Glorious." Afterwards, we all wanted to go and experience Vegas a little bit, so we went to the Bellagio to get some gelato and enjoy the water show. Vegas is definitely an interesting place. We all had tons of fun!
Saturday was the last day of the conference and it was JAM packed with super motivating speakers.  The keynote speaker that day was Noelle Pikus-Pace. She's an American Olympic Skeleton Racer; she won the silver medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. AND she's LDS! She's retired and a Mom now.  She was an incredible speaker. I learned so much from her.  She was so relatable and made me want to conquer the world and be her best friend at the same time.
This conference was such a game changer for me all around.  All the principles that were taught were applicable in not only business, but every aspect of my life. It helped me to learn that I can be comfortable in my own skin.  It helped me believe that being a woman is empowering and because I'm a woman, I am strong and courageous and gentle and compassionate and loving and INSPIRING and so, so much more . Most importantly it helped me realize the person I want to become and be able to set achievable goals, and BELIEVE that I can get where I want to be!
I am so grateful to be a part of Life Vantage, a company so eager and willing to help me realize my potential and succeed.

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